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Special menus chosen by you !

We offer you a palette of selection from which you can choose your activities upon your taste. This selection consists of gastronomy and local products, history, hiking, sciences, sports, that leaves you experiencing a multitude of great sensation.

For you to choose now :

  • Aerial activities
  • Nautical activities: waterfalls, streams and rivers
  • Wandering in the wilderness: Hiking, trekking, horse- back riding, VTT, via ferrata
  • Cultural activities: Sisteron citadel, the ethno botanical museum of Salagon, Serre-Ponçon, the biggest dam in Europe.
  • Scientific activities: The geological park of Haute Provence, astronomy, aromatic, botanical and prehistorical museum.

Joining us is deciding to take care of yourself

The exquisite mixture of flavors, aromas, incense and colorful scenery will definitely set you on the path of getting in touch with yourself… Thermal cures: relaxation and “letting your hair down!” Indulge yourself in our center where you choose the cure best fit for you.


- 10€ SPA or Sauna or table à inversion
- 15€ Two activities upon request
- 20€ SPA or Sauna and table à inversion


Lodgings and caravan


If you are in the mood for a little romantic escapade, a bonding family vacation or an adventure with friends, then you are definitely in the right place.

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